Once was a bet but step by step, we have a better understanding of what to do....and how to do it.

We had 354.307 total plays (last update: 31 oct 2019) AMAZING!!

We had a bunch of co-productions and we partnered with a lot of cool indie labels: Dreamingorilla, Vollmer Industries, Tadca, Scatti Vorticosi, E' un brutto posto dove vivere, I dischi del minollo, Annibale Records, La mansarda, Backwater Transmission, Brigante Rec., Taxi Driver Records, Screamore, Toten Schwan, Dio Drone, Santa Valvola Records, Dadstache Records, Hopetone Records, Oh Dear Records, Lagoonar, Piccola bottega popolare,Il Verso del Cinghiale records, Wallace records...

-- GUERRRA Lp "Storia di un'imboscata"
-- TSO LP "Hearth"
-- SDANG! New Single

January 15th LAY new ep "Lay"
January 29st ENOMISOSSAB + FABRIZIO NANIZ BARALE new LP "O'Er The Land Of The Freaks"
March 1st MAMBO MELON new lp "Il Bestiario "
October 18th INDIANIZER new lp "Nadir"
December 14th CANI SCIORRI new lp "10 Tacos and 1 Burrito"
December 27th SITAR new lp "No Routine"

January 12th JOHN MALKOVITCH! new lp "The Irresistible New Cult of Selenium"
February 1st ROPES OF SAND new EP
February 16th IL RE TARANTOLA new lp "Scopri come ha fatto Il re tarantola a fare 50000 euro in una settimana"
February 19th INDIANIZER new Single "Mazel Tov II"
February 26th KARMASONICA new lp "GravitÓ"
March 27th INDIANIZER new lp "Zenith"
April 13th SUPERINVADERS new lp "Fabric of the universe "
April 14th CANI SCIORRI new lp "Parte I "
September 20th RINUNCI A SATANA? new lp "Blerum Blerum "
October 12th VEGAENDURO new lp "Sexster Abbey "
October 19th MARAKAS new ep "Pour les enfants "
October 25th SPACE PARANOIDS new lp
November 23th SONICATOMIC new lp "Psych Memory Propagation "
November 27th FLYING DISK new lp "Urgency "
November 30th SDANG! new lp "Il paese dei camini spenti "

2017 Releases
March 3rd NITRITONO new lp Panta Rei (another great co-production with Vollmer Industries, Tadca, Scatti Vorticosi, Insonnia Lunare, Dreamingorilla and Brigante Rec.)
March 17th PSYCHOKILLER new lp Higher.
March 21st CRUEL EXPERIENCE new lp "Lives Of Ugly Demons"
April 21st PETROLIO new lp "Di cosa si nasce "
September 6th DOC NEO & Aganji new lp "Bedroom Session "
September 22nd FRACTAL REVERB new ep "Quattro "
October 9th THE SINGER IS DEAD new lp "\\"
October 27th NOWOLF new ep "RE-WOLF"
December 5th REEDUCATE new lp "Plastic Knives"
December 8th TSAO! new lp "Mantrica"
December 21st CANI SCIORRI digital reissue "Parte II"

Available here the photo album of the last EDISON BOX LABEL NIGHT @ CINEMAVEKKIO in Corneliano (CN) IT. Thanks to Vale Capo.