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GENTLEMAN (EdisonBox Records 2013)

5 track UNRELEASED EP (2010) 


Between 2009 e il 2012 the Baboon opened for Mojomatics (IT) e Sikitikis (IT), Bishops (UK) and Mark Sultan (Canada). PAST GIGS: winter2009 Old Distillery (Aosta) - spring2009 Spazio211+Mojomatics (Torino) - summer2009 Giancarlo Murazzi (Torino) - fall2009 Cinema Vekkio (Corneliano d'Alba) - fall2009 Sud x Paratissima (Torino) - winter2010 Old Distillery (Aosta) - winter2010 Velvet Club (Torino) - winter2010 Spazio211+Mark Sultan - spring 2010 Ortosonico + Bishops (Pavia) - spring 2010 Tumbao (Sassari) - spring 2010 Sleepwalkers Club + Sikitikis (Guspini, Cagliari) - spring 2010 Hell Boqueron (Bordeaux, France) - spring 2010 Les Toques (Perigueux, France) - spring 2010 Thunderbird Lounge (Saint Etienne, France) - winter 2011 Giancarlo Murazzi (Torino), Capanno Blackout (Prato), Porcelli Tavern (Amelia), Shake Club (La Spezia) spring 2011 Circolo Sud (Torino) Salotto di Mao (Torino) Centro Fondo (Aisone, Cuneo) Artintown (Torino)
Mambo Melon


The Baboon is the stage alter ego of Marco Monterzino and Gabriele Maggiorotto. Gabriele lives in Turin in S. Salvario district and Marco is based in east London on a boat. Their craft is simple and somewhat enchanting, bringing together garage, pop, r&b and psychedelic references through a backdrop of adventurous narratives and storytelling. In 2010 The Baboon records a 5-track self titled EP at Outside Inside Studio (Mojomatics - Movie Star Junkies – The King Khan and BBQ Show) released on cassette tape only. In 2012 The Baboon finishes recoding the tracks for their debut album The Baboon - Gentleman, in collaboration with Edisonbox Records (IT) and Rough Trade Records (UK), a hand made/screen printed edition of 200 units. After touring extensively throughout the garage scene in Italy, UK, Switzerland and France, The Baboon are currently working on a new release.

Glorious Nothing (Gentleman, Edisonbox Records/2013)

Gentleman teaser

Live act (5/01/2013, @ Astoria, Torino)

Radio act (5/07/2013, New Beat, Radio 110)



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